Free Laptop Computers For School

Schools have become the lifeline of the education systems around the world. They have been more of a foundation than a mere construction, for a human’s career. Some countries such as India, which have a strong setup in the Schooling system, have implemented many schemes such as student development programs. The IT Department has also suggested equipping every school with at least one computer. Now, with that on the one hand, in certain other developed economies such as the UK and United States, the Government has indeed implemented free laptop computers for school schemes. These schemes definitely have helped the chunk of the student population to become computer friendly.

After the advent of the technological boom, every other sector and industry has been cashing in on the latest of the breakthroughs in the field of technology. The Schools have also not been far behind. It is a debatable issue that nothing can replace a traditional teacher who imparts knowledge in schools. However, when such teachers are equipped with laptops such as the ones given in the free laptop computers for school schemes, it will definitely help the cause of delivering better lectures and also showing pictorial representations and video files to assist the student in learning concepts better.

A few decades ago, when the Computer was a luxury and also nothing significant, schools still remained successful. This is one fact, which could probably go in favor of those who are against the whole concept of using technology to impart knowledge. Questions do arise about the efficient use of such gadgets. There are also problems such as the teacher being technologically illiterate to operate such devices. But, this again is a defeatist approach, as it promotes a stagnated growth concept and not learning new methods and innovating.

Innovate methods of teaching have indeed been tried out in countries such as Japan, where educational robots have been tried to replace a teacher to take lectures for students. That being still a far fetched aim, is not totally advisable either, because replacing humans with automatons is not a feasible option either. It would put many out of work as well. Moreover, it is a concept which has worked since time immemorial. Hence, Schemes such as free laptop computers for school are useful in the sense that they provide an added dimension to the teacher’s teaching process, but it should be kept at that, and not be pushed for a total overhaul!