Free Laptops For School Students

Schools and Students. A Duo which goes hand in hand with each other. A place where students learn the art of team spirit, hard work and many other abstract qualities that chisel the man out of a student. Now, just as we highlight the importance of School in a student’s life, we must also look into their performance in such a place. With the passage of time, Schools have become a battlefield of the mighty. One might say, Charles Darwin’s ’Survival of the fittest’ theory would well apply to schools as well, because hey have become such. A Rat race is on for the top slot and honors. At this juncture, let us ask ourselves one question. If there is a war within the school between students to topple the other and reach the top, then obviously, this contest would extend to the top brass, that is, within schools themselves. One tries to consume the other in the race to the pinnacle of glory. This is all the more, important for schools, as the quality of incoming students will vary according to the rankings.

Proving free laptops for school students is indeed an innovative idea to spice up the competition. Laptops enable students to work anywhere. With the current situation, they are expected to do exactly that as they try to reach the top. In days, when the world was not technologically sound, the students relied on their brainchild to do better than the others. Today, it has become more of the man and his machine. Its more like a Formula One race. The performance of the driver, matters on his machine as well.

The resources available to students is what I intend to bring to light here. Free laptops for school students would surely add a great resource to the students enabling them to do better. Some Schools give away these free laptops for school students, and in reality, include that added cost in the school fee structure. Now, it is pretty obvious that these have to be those schools, which the rich kids go to. What about the lesser fortunate ones? To them, there are organizations and individuals, willing to donate such gadgets, especially to those, economically backward, deserving candidates.

All said and done, the ultimate goals of schools and educational institutions happen to outperforming their competitors. This scheme mentioned here purports exactly the same and pushes the students to perform, which is reflected in the overall show of the school.